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Financial Hacks for New Retirees

Retirement can bring a refreshing feeling for many people looking forward to that time when they can take things easy, visit places, explore new horizons and savor life without the former daily challenges and anxieties. But preparing for such lifestyle change requires more than merely looking forward to enjoying your care-free days. Getting financially ready is the other...


!About the blog

The Asquith Group offers Registered Investment Advisory service on fee-only basis; hence, we do not charge commission for our financial services, in contrast to insurance agents, securities-sales practitioners and wire-house brokers. Our investment counsellors sit beside our clients during meetings to remove any appearance of threat that every decision they make will entail a monetary exposure. Obviously, no one will gain any benefit in promoting anything that brings no benefit. Having a fee-only partner working with the client, you only pay for investment advice, not commissions based on investments bought or sold.

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Vital Financial Decisions to Make in Your 30s

Reaching your 30s is like being at the crossroads of life – when you think more seriously about important goals in life, whether personal or financial. While some decisions can be postponed, such as career moves, getting married or having children, some vital financial decisions cannot be delayed without long-term adverse effects.

Certain financial decisions can produce...


How to get out of debt in five ways       

How would you like to get rid of your debts? Who would not, especially if you have a very limited budget? Many get frustrated when they have to let go of their precious money only to make loan payments. Money merely passes their hands, leaving them nothing to spend or even save. And much of the money paid often goes towards paying high-interest payments.

In spite of all...


Enhancing Your Credit Health in 2017

New Year’s resolutions are seldom mere overreaching wishes in that people make their lists without having a definite plan on how to achieve their goals.

How do you plan on paying your debt? How will you exactly go about losing excess weight? How do you specifically attain a fulfilling and abundant life?

When it comes to personal money matters, we would like to...



The Deadly Dozen: Investment Pitfalls to Avoid (Part 2)

Deadly Mistake #7: Trusting “Experts” Too Much

Every other person has an adverse interest in relation to your wealth. Only you and you alone have no adverse claim on your wealth. Financial institutions handle your money in order to make some money over it. Likewise, investment counselors sell financial products to earn commissions.

In like manner, the investment...


The Deadly Dozen: Investment Pitfalls to Avoid (Part 1)

There are a dozen vital mistakes any investor must avoid to realize one%u2019s financial stability. All these can be reduced into two general ideas, namely:

1.       The Golden Way %u2013 Gaining insight from the investment mistakes of other investors

2.      The Costly Way %u2013 Gaining experience and knowledge yourself in the school of hard knocks

Who would want to...


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Term and Conditions of the Asquith Group Asia, Tokyo Japan

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Welcome to the Terms and Conditions for The Asquith Group is an investment and wealth management company helping expatriates living in Asia manage and invest their finances. This is an agreement (“Agreement”) between The Asquith Group (“The Asquith Group”), the owner and operator of (the “Site” and...


The Asquith Group Asia, Tokyo Japan on Risk Statement

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Please read this warning and disclaimer before proceeding, it explains legal and regulatory restrictions applicable for the investment services we provide.

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The information contained herein is provided for informational purposes and should not be regarded as an offer, or solicitation of an offer, to buy or sell any investments...


Investment Philosophy of the Asquith Group Asia, Tokyo Japan

The Process involved:

1.      Evaluate Your Risk Capacity Level

Assess objectives, income targets, and time frame

Draw up an Investment Policy Statement

2.     Evaluate Existing Investments

Assess investments, review tax issues involved, and assets diversification

3.     Submit Portfolio Recommendations

Joint-analyze proposed investments

4.    ...